How to choose your first wristwatch?

For many of us, choosing the right wristwatch first time, can be a bit difficult. With so many styles and brands to available in the market, the simple act of shopping for a new timepiece can get confusing and stressful. Following are some basic tips which will help you to select the right watch that will reflect your personality and compliment your style.

If it’s your first experience of buying a watch, then it’s best to choose a timepiece that features a classy and minimalist design. This kind of men's watches offer versatility. They can be worn on any occasion or event and would compliment any outfit you have. If you’re not able to spend money on buying several watches for different outfits and events, then buying a classy and minimalist watch will give you the most for your money spent.

When it comes to selecting the right size, there’s one thing you always need to keep in mind in - proportion. Proportion is the key to selecting a watch that will compliment your style and not look weird on your wrist. If you’re a tall man with a large wrist, then what’s suitable for you is a watch with a big face. Going after a timepiece that has a small face might make you look feminine. On the other hand, if you’re a short in height with a small wrist, then go after men’s watches with small or thin dials. As a general rule of thumb, you need to select watches with face diameters between 34 mm  to 50 mm. There’s really no need to go beyond 50 mm.

Selection of watch movements is another issue too. There are many types of watch movements. Generally these are categorized as Mechanical and Quartz type. The best way to find out whether a watch has a quartz or mechanical movement is by observing the second hand. Mechanical watches have a smooth, sweeping second hands motion. This is the reason many luxury brands use a mechanical or automatic movement in their watches. In contrast, the second hand of quartz watches produces a tick-tick motion that moves once per second. You need to decide whether to go with a quartz or mechanical movement.

Your affordability also plays an important role in buying wristwatches. There are so many watch brands out there. Some are affordable while others will shock you with their price tags. Remember, getting a nice wristwatch that will reflect your personality and compliment your style should not hurt your wallet. So make sure to consider your budget.

Any wristwatch that costs beyond $500 should be viewed as an investment towards improving your personal branding and possibly considered as an heirloom. There are always number of premium brands out there that offer high-quality, great looking watches at very affordable prices. Final decision is yours.

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